Students alleged fake immigration consultant Shattered their Canadian dreams

Four student visa aspirants of Moga have alleged that a seasoned study visa consultant in their district have shattered their Canadian dreams.

As per the report of January 2020, Roopali of Visa Monthly has the story of four aspirants of Canada whose dream of life was to study and settle down in Canada were crushed by Fraud Immigration Consultant. Four Students from Moga say their Canadian dreams have been crushed by an unlicensed immigration consultant. Kamalpreet Singh, Muskan, Amrit Gill and Gurjit Maan expected to go to Canada on student visas and pursue their graduation from any college in Ottawa. They each paid Karnail Singh INR 1,00,000 to start the process and get the Visas respectively.

Karnail arranged offers for them for Canadian college and ask them to deposit their Tuition fees and GIC in some personal account. Dreams for going abroad were so heavy on their mind that they didn’t argue for the account details provided to them and they straightaway deposited huge sum of money to that account provided.
Further to that Karnail informed them that the next phase will begin after 15 days meanwhile they can go for medical examination and provide them medical reports as it is the part of filing from Apollo hospital Ludhiana.

Drastic situation in the next phase

After 15 days, Muskan tried reaching Karnail for the status of next phase but she found that the contact number provided was not reachable. She informed other three of her friends who have applied with her to go abroad but they also found the same. After continuous phone calls and regular tries for next 1 week when they were not able to connect to the agent, they informed their respective family members and reached Karnail’s office with them. There they noticed that there were also many victims like them standing and waiting outside his office as they were also going through the same thing.

Truth revealed about the agent

From that scenario, they came to know about the bogus agent and they were looted by him in the name of study visa. In that situation, they felt betrayed and miserable which left them with complete helplessness. They were not able to come up with any ideas or solutions to overcome the situation until a guy named Nitish from that mob standing outside the fake agent’s office informed them that he was registered with Fee Guards which saved his future from getting crushed. He told them that he at the right time, had registered with Fee Guards who protects from Fake Agents, uncertain College shutdown or any related mishappening regarding study Visas.

Complaint lodged against Agent

Although, Muskan and his friends were from wealthy family background so this kind of loss was able to recover but if they had Fee Guards at their initial step, they would not been bearing any sort of mishappening or money loss. Further, they reported about Karnail to nearest police station and case under IPC 420 and 120(A) is registered against fraud agent. Chief of police said that they have filed case against Karnail and they will take all the necessary actions to put the accused behind the bars. Unhappy with the results, group tried searching the seasoned agent by themselves too but nothing came in their hand.

A healthy precaution- Fee Guard

After this experience, they all tried to make their future in India as they were not able to trust any agent as Karnail have crushed their dream only for the sake of few bucks. Because of Karnail’s cruelty, their ambitions were shaken somewhere. And on the other hand, Nitish, who took protection of Fee Guards and did every safe transaction by the medium of Fee Guards and was pursuing his graduation from Algoquin College, Canada without any regrets of registering with Fee Guards as world is so small that anything could happen at any moment that too unexpectedly.

  • 07-Jan-2020


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