One Smart Move to Save the Future

“The day was coming closer where Kartik from village Bhogpur was about to go to abroad. The good energy was flowing everywhere. Kartik was very excited about his journey from India to UK for his further education. He had successfully passed every obstacle coming in the way to go abroad be it IELTS scores, finding a trusted agent, getting a reputed college and choosing recognized degree and also his offer letter from college has also arrived. And as the procedure he had to pay his first year’s tuition fees before landing to the college.

It was a scene of happiness and joy all over his home between him and his family. Also, this weighs more as hardwork and efforts behind fulfilling his dream to study abroad was commendable. His family worked day and night, have taken loans to gather enough money to be eligible to send their son abroad. Kartik was very excited and was feeling very confident about his future plan, outlooked as a dream come true for him. Even his parents were satisfied that their only son is about to reach his dream destination and kick start his career after graduating from the college and stand on his feet successfully.

His internal fear at its peak

But deep down he was bit scared, as he was not able to get his fee confirmation letter from the college for too long, even his attempts to contact the college failed and after all the efforts, he began to think that there is no way out of this trouble. After a long wait of stressful month, he was neither able to get a revert from the college nor any fee receipt from the same. Kartik imagined his family going through a lot of trouble, after putting almost all their life savings on stake, the only outcome Kartik could see coming out of it was endless wait and hopeless dark future which was just the opposite of what his family expected it to be.

Smart move at the beginning

Fortunately, during the process beginning, Kartik’s father took a gentleman action and as per the guidance of his closest friend, he registered Kartik with a Fee Guards platform which protects student’s tuition fees in severe cases of college shutdown, while getting his study visa application done with the agent. His father’s friend explained about Fee Guards that they don’t only protect college tuition fees or in case of uncertain college shutdowns but also saves people from fake study visa agents, bogus colleges and forged study visas.

As the time for departure to UK coming closer, Kartik’s worries started alarming and one day he told his father everything about his worrisome and trouble he was facing. Kartik’s father listened to him and smiled. “Do you think I will let my hard earned, begged and borrowed money along with your future vanish like that?” his father further quoted.

Helpful escape from such misery

Kartik was now bit more confused and demanded a simple explanation from his dad now. The father now explained him about the protection he has taken for him while doing registration with study visa agent. After listening to his father, Kartik felt bit lighter but still wanted to reach his study visa agent once.

As the Kartik’s concern was valid, both father and son rushed to their student visa consultant and demanded an enquiry about unresponsiveness of the college. The agent assured them as they are registered with Fee Guards there is nothing to worry. Upon investigation, the agent found that the college was troubling others too and they further contacted and explained the situation to one of Fee Guards Executive.

Happy and safe ending

Executive at Fee Guards assured Kartik and his father that there is nothing to worry about as they are already enrolled with Fee Guards at the right stage and the right time. Kartik having the advantage of Fee Guards membership as they opted for the full fee protection which enables him to have immediate refund to get admission in another college as they did all tuition fees transactions by the medium of Fee Guards. Taking full advantage of Fee Guards, the family was happy even after the misery they dealt with.

Kartik’s family felt lucky to be registered with Fee Guards at the very initial stage which prevented their son from being betrayed and cheated by fake college or any type of agent scams. They were thankful to the Fee Guards team who took them out from this drastic situation.

Currently, Kartik is pursuing his overseas studies at different college in UK and he is very happy with Fee Guards protection plan.

  • 07-Jan-2020


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