Lure of Canada,Shame of Punjab

An Embarrassed father Jarmaljeet Singh just forty two years of age, of Sukhewala village in Zira sub-division reportedly committed suicide on Thursday as he felt cheated at the hands of his sister, who had allegedly lured his daughter to marry her son (girl’s cousin).Yes, you read it right. Deceased's sister Sukhraj Kaur swayed his daughter to marry her already married son Palwinder so he could migrate to Canada.

Paramjit Kaur mother of bride, told local police that her husband’s sister Sukhraj Kaur swayed her daughter Wahegurupal Kaur, who has been living in Canada on a student visa since 2016, to wed her married son Palwinder Singh to take him along to Canada. As a result, Jarmaljeet, girl’s father sought no way out of this shame but to commit suicide.

Modus operandi

As per words of poor Paramjit Kaur, her husband’s dear sister Sukhraj kaur was in regular contact with their daughter and somehow convinced her to come to India without notifying them and further solemnized the marriage by ignoring the bounds of brother sister relationship.

“The marriage was solemnised without our knowledge. When my husband learnt about it, he felt cheated at the hands of his sister. Not able to cope with the social stigma of his daughter marrying his nephew, my husband committed suicide by blowing his brain with his licensed revolver,” Paramjit said.

Complaint lodged

On the complaint of Paramjit, police booked 5 members of the family  Sukhraj (deceased’s sister) her husband Swaran Singh, their children Palwinder Singh and Sukhpreet Kaur, and Palwinder’s wife Amardeep Kaur — under Sections 306, 494 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


What a shame

People of Punjab are said to have very strong cultural beliefs, very spiritual and said to have and get killed in the name of honor.  These same people are known for killing their sons and daughters in the name of honor when they step up for inter-cast marriages. It has become unbelievable that these same people can do such shameful act crossing constrains of brother and sister relationship.

This conspiracy is proven to be so shameful for the girl’s father that only solution for him out of this insult was to end his life. Sadly, the honor or “Anakh” said in Punjab has awaken on the wrong side. If the conspirators would have cared a little about ethics or it would be better to say if they were raised or grown up with a pinch of ethics, they would never have thought about doing such thing even in their dreams.

Lure of Canada

This is not the first incident of a sister marrying a brother, people of Punjab have even achieved higher honors than that. To begin with, marrying their sons to IELTS pass girls has been very common among the community. In this case, groom’s family pays for bride’s study visa and other expenses and in exchange their boy gets to fly with her to Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Second honor is, to getting their young girls (reportedly in their nineteens and twenties) married to an elderly man (mostly in their fifties) so that whole family can fly off to foreign shores. This kind of marriages are very common in Malwa region of Punjab and surprisingly people attend these marriages, enjoys served food, laugh at family’s decision and deep inside pray to god, to find same kind of Rishta for them also.

These incidents have been very common lately but this particular one from Zira sub-division has really knocked the socks off.

Highly respectful local community leader said that this act is highly shameful of Indian community specially Punjab. When will sanity prevails upon us again. “The God has deserted this land.” He sighs.

  • 07-Jan-2020


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