Australia to cancel Student visa for breaching Visa conditions

Students who are willing to study or settle aboard must not take visa conditions lightly. Over 96,000 international students convicted of assault, drug offences, robbery and sexual offences in Australia have had visas cancelled over the last seven years.

1. Not maintaining enrollment in course for which Visa was granted.
 In most of the cases student got enrolled in master or bachelor course from India have switched to a Certificate III or IV or other lower level courses as they cannot cope up with requirements or demands of such courses. This the violation of Visa policies resulting into visa cancellation

2. Drug offences and Violent offences
From January 2017 to December 2017 drug and violent offences are the common reason behind visa cancellation

3. Spending extended periods of time in Australia on student visas.
Students keep on applying new courses one after another just to extend their stay in Australia and most of them apply irrelevant courses to their earlier education. Authorities have not realized the tricks of student and they are denying such applications. 

4. Working during sessions
International students  are not taking their session seriously and some of the students who are driving for ride-sharing services like Uber, Ola are working while their course is in session.

5. Breach of working hours conditions
Students are breaching the visa  condition of working hours where the student cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight when the course is in session. 


  • 12-Nov-2018